Welcome to Galåvolden Farm

Galåvolden Farm are the leading producer in Røros of fresh farmeggs and several farmfoodproducts.

Rørocake and Røros cheese
are our specialities. They are approved by
Matmerk as Norsk Spesialitet. They are sold in several grocery stores in Oslo and Trøndelag. And in all local supermarkeds.

We have about 15000 laying hens.
All eggs are sold directly to supermarkets an hotels.


Servering for groups
We offer serving of the farms products for Groups.
We sell all our products on the farm.
Se sign on road 30 about 6 km south of Røros.
3,5 km from the road up to the farm.
Icecream success
We started production of icecream on the farm in 2009.
That have been a success.
New cowshead
Have place for more than 100 milkingcows, and 200 younger cattle.

A building of 2000 m2, built in 2007.


Galåvolden Farm

alåvolden Gård is situated 720 meters above the sea level, 8 km south west from the centre of Røros city. The farm was founded in 1721 of one worker from Røros Kobberverk. He was of German family, and had the family name Catz. Today the farm is run by the 9. and 10. generations after the man who started the farm. 

There have always been cows on the farm. From 2007 they are in a new 2000 m2 building together with the cows from 4 other farms in the village. There are about 100 milking cows and 200 calves/heifers/bulls in this building. And the 5 farmers together have about 170 hektar of grasland. Some of the cattle are from the local cow type Rørosfe. The production is 660 000 liter of milk a year. 620 000 liter goes to Tine and 40 000 liter is used at the farm kitchen.

The production of eggs started in 1976 with 900 fowl and are today with 15000 fowl. The fowl are located in 2 rooms in the building where the cows was earlier, and in one new building. All rooms have new multi-level system - the best system you can get for the hens.
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Phone: +47 72 41 30 18


Address: Galåvolden Gård
7372 Røros

Ingulf mobile: +47 911 27 947

Gunn mobile: +47 976 22 850

Lars Jacob mobile: +47 917 46 607





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